Meet Shawn

Where it all began...

Growing up living in the modern world, I had followed along the path that many of us have, without much questioning or thought put into the food I ate, the water I drank, the lifestyle I lived and the subconscious programming embedded into the ideas and customs I had. To put it bluntly, I took my health and well-being for granted, not realizing the consequences to my repetitive habits of self-sabotage. 

As I was approaching adulthood at the young age of 21, my health began to plummet. I had to quit the job I loved because it's requirements exacerbated my symptoms. I lost friendships because my problems became a burden to them. Simply put, I lost my identity. This led me into a dark place filled with low self-confidence, poor self-image and a host of burgeoning health problems.

Fortunately, a life-changing health coach visit gave me the wake-up call I needed. Rather than live to the mercy of the medical establishment for the rest of my life, I decided it was time to take back control of my health. Throughout this process, in order to truly find myself, I had to destroy myself, and out of the destruction I discovered the mask I was wearing all the years prior was no longer of any value to me.

Out of the ashes,I found my true self and my true purpose. Everything had changed from that moment forward. I became an avid researcher and book worm on a variety of health related topics. I was able to understand the casual factors that led to the effects I was enduring and in doing so, I was able to bring myself back into an optimal balance of health both physically and emotionally.

From the success I had in improving my own health came Photo Electric Synergy; created to fill the needs of others in distress by guiding them in the right direction without all the detours. Since that day, I have been working tirelessly to provide my audience with the most up to date research in the field of alternative health.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the health and lifestyle recommendations available, and don't know where to start or how to bridge everything together? My coaching services are specifically designed to curb the confusion and simplify your life, one step at a time.